The group is also responsible for organising the annual Kingsbury' meeting (held in a Birmingham school) which not only features the Society shop but also many independant traders and occasionally a working layout. The focal point of the day is the keenly fought for 'Kingsbury Trophy' .

On this site we will try to give an insight into our activities as a group and as individuals.

As time goes on we will publish hints and tips which we hope will be useful to 3mm scale modellers in particular and railway modellers in general, so keep visiting you never know what you will find.

The Groups' collective knowledge is quite broad so if you have any questions regarding modelling or the railways of Britain then contact us and we will do our best to find an answer.

Any feedback to this site is always welcome.

The Kingsbury meeting

The Kingsbury meeting is held annually in March at the 'Kingsbury School and Leisure Centre' Kingsbury Rd. Erdington, Birmingham B24 8RE.

The school is situated about a mile or so from Spaghetti Junction on the right hand side of the road going from Spaghetti just before the A4040 outer ring road and a similar distance from Gravelly Hill station on the Cross City Line.
Buses 114 and 116 pass the centre and the Outer Circle 11 runs on the A4040.

For a map click  here

The Kingsbury Trophy

The aim of the Kingsbury Trophy is to encourage members of Area Groups to work together.


1. Each entry shall comprise a train, complete for its period and contained within a maximum of one yard of track; the work to include that of more than one member.

2. Entries may comprise either converted proprietry stock, kit or scratch built items or any combination thereof, and each loco/vehicle must be complete.

3. Each entry should be accompanied by a card giving brief details of each vehicle.
The Group name should not appear on the card.

4. A Group may make up to three entries in the competition.

Group projects

The group is presently engaged in building a portable layout based on a suburban terminus station and in March 1999 had its first public showing at the groups Kingsbury meeting.

Members individual projects.

    * A freelance loft layout approx 70ft. in length (12mm gauge).
    * A scale model of Kenilworth Junction (12mm gauge).
    * A scale model of Banbury Merton St. (12mm gauge) - in progress.
    * A layout inspired by Hemyock (14.2mm gauge) - in progress.
    * A freelance main line terminus (12mm gauge) - in progress.
    * 'LLangynog' - terminus of the Tanat Valley Light Railway (12mm gauge).

The 3mm Society

The 3mm Society was formed in 1965 to promote interest in and provide support for 3mm or as it was known then 'TT' scale.

Members of the society have access to the society shop which sells a vast range of kits and bits.

There are two main track gauges in 3mm scale,12mm which is the original Triang gauge and 14.2mm which is the 'true' gauge and often referred to as 'Finescale'.

For more information on the 3mm Society visit the Society web site
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Three Mills
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About us.

Based in the West Midlands area of the United Kingdom, the group consists of about a dozen active 3mm society members who meet monthly on Saturday afternoons (2.30 to 5.30 approximately).

Members whose circumstances permit take turns to host a meeting in their homes.

At present the group has members living in the Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Solihull, Nuneaton and Coventry areas.

New faces are always welcome.

Group calendar
2nd. Saturday of month unless otherwise stated.
Sep 19th..........Outing to West Fest **3rd Saturday
Oct 10th..........Iain - Nuneaton
Nov 14th..........John - Shirley
Dec 12th..........Jim - Coventry
Jan 16th..........John - Solihull Lodge **3rd Saturday
Feb 13th..........John - Shirley
Mar 13th..........Kingsbury
Apr 10th..........Iain - Nuneaton
May 8th...........Brian - Wolverhampton
Jun 12th..........TBA
Jul 10th..........Ron - Hollywood